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Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro

Porcão, Rio de Janeiro

The food is great, the service is great and you can eat as much as you want. Try to take your time, however. The waiters are usually all over you trying to stuff as much steak into you as possible, so you end up stuffed and ready to leave in a relatively short period of time.

So sit, relax and take your time. The first trip is a serve yourself salad bar with top-notch salad items, sushi and various grilled fish. Once you sit down the steak brigade hovers around with many different cuts of meat that they carve onto your plate. Use the little tongs they give you to hold the meat while they cut. That way you'll also avoid a steak juice facial.

You are also given these discs with one side green and the other side red. Green means "give me more meat 'cause I wanna get huge". Red means "no more meat, I'm watching my figure". Honestly they pay no attention and just try and carve another cow onto your plate when you're not looking.


• Theme: Steakhouse
• Price: US$21-30 » Currency Converter
• Comparison: more expensive than average
• Address: Rua Barão da Torre, 218, (Ipanema), Rio de Janeiro

Marius, Rio de Janeiro

For those who crave a juicy steak, grilled to perfection, Marius Carnes is a typical Brazilian, good quality churrascaria, which translates as the perfect place if you are a meat lover. With an exquisite and interesting decor, the restaurant overlooks the Leme Beach and offers more than 30 different grilled meat dishes. There is also a superb salad bar with colorful, tasty vegetable combinations.

After many years of success of this all-you-can-eat rodízio system for meat, the owner just start thinking.... why wouldn't it work for seafood? And thus was Marius Crustáceos born, a must-eat stop for every seafood lover. Located right next door to its carnivorous cousin. You can start off with a trip to the buffet, helping yourself to the feast of antipasto, cold seafood such as prawns, oysters, and crab, as well as warm seafood favorites such as paella, pasta with seafood, and popular dishes from Bahia including moqueca and vatapá. But save your appetite for the prime catch the waiters will bring to your table: lobster, prawns, tuna steaks, salmon or crab.

• Theme: Other
• Price: US$21-30 » Currency Converter
• Comparison: more expensive than average
• Address: Av Atlântica, 290 - Leme
• Website:

Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

This is a branch of the Confeitaria Colombo. Not the beautiful building as in downtown one, but this place is great as well.

Located at the Copacabana Fort, it offers the most beautiful view of Copacabana Beach.

Confeitaria Colombo is a real must see when you are experiencing downtown in Rio.
Not only a beautiful place indeed, but there you can spend some time enjoying the pastries, have lunch at the lovely Cristovao Restaurant - where you can also have a lovely "five o'clock tea".

The following info was taken from a synopsis they provide at Colombo.

"Confeitaria Colombo was founded in 1894 by two Portuguese adventurous men, Manoel José Lebrão and Joaquim Borges de Meirelles, whose philosophy was' the customer is always right '.

All the Belle Epoque charm remains in full bloom at Confeitaria Colombo in the heart of Old Rio. Part of the city's cultural heritage, it's also one of the favorite downtown attraction for tourist from all over the world.

The magnificent salons are lined with ornate jacaranda-framed mirrors imported from Belgium at the turn of the century. The art nouveau decor is found throughout its showcase, furniture and fitting, ceiling light and floor dating back to this delightful past.

Confeitaria Colombo benefited from the social and urban progress of the city, as well as the consequent business development. Soon it became well-known as the place where politicians, journalists, poets, writers and artists went to attend business meetings or simply to have fun.

Eminent visitors, as Queen Elizabeth, from England, and King Albert, from Belgium, had the opportunity to taste its delicious specialties.

Almost all Brazilian presidents were Colombo's customers. The afternoon tea was an elegant occasion and the ladies of society and their families enjoyed it after shopping. Later at night, the cheerful cocottes filled the salons with their fashionable and colorful clothes. Confeitaria Colombo introduced not only new fashions but also new tecnologies as the elevator.

Since the begining of the century the lively carnival dances at Colombo inspired musicians to write songs that became great hits.

The tradition and effective participation in our society confirm the importance of Confeitaria Colombo in the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil"

• Theme: Other
• Comparison: about average
• Address: Rua Gonçalves Dias 32 - downtown
• Directions: Nearest Metro station - CARIOCA
• Website:

La Mole's, Rio de Janeiro

Nice local place in a veryn nice Shopping Mall.
Very nice ambient. Nice people and good service.
If you go to the Sugar Loaf, come down to Rio-Sul Shopping Mall walking... There is a beautiful church in your way... Gorgeous!!! Then you will see the Rio-Sul mall.
La Mole Restaurant is in the ground floor.

Located: Rio Sul
Address116 Lauro Muller Ave Suite# 101 P/41-A
Phone for Resevation: 2542-4641
Hours: Monday - Thursday 11:00 a.m to 11:30 p. m
Friday, Saturday and Holidays: 11:00a.m to Midnight.
Number of Tables: 65
Credit Cards: Visa
Manager: Walkir

I have this dish. Delicious... I am skinny but I do eat big meals... this one was amazing.

Carne seca desfiada com arroz, couve e tutu a mineira, R$9.80

Sorry, the only way to translate that is having this meal for lunch.

And don't forget to order a cold bear.

I wish they could the same dish over here and have the same flavor.

• Theme: Local
• Price: less than US$10 » Currency Converter
• Comparison: about average
• Address: Av. Lauro Muller 116 Lj.101 P/41-A
• Phone: 2542-4641
• Directions: Ground floor of Rio-Sul Shopping Mall. 2o minutes walking from Sugar Loaf and maybe 5 minutes by car.
• Website:

Manoel & Joaquim, Rio de Janeiro

We ate one evening at the Copacabana branch of this small Rio restaurant chain. Websites say that it can get busy after eight or so, but we ate a little earlier and had no problem getting a table. I ate, and enjoyed, calamari, but my diary doesn’t record what Chris chose, and weirdly he can’t remember ;)

Starters are similar to Spanish tapas, e.g. Batata Frita (fried potatoes) and Bolinhos de Bacalhau (deep fried codfish balls). They also serve empadinhas, those ubiquitous (and tasty) South American pasties. To follow there are steaks and various fish options, such as my calamari, as well as international dishes such as beef stroganoff. Many of the dishes are intended to serve two people, but most can be served in single portions if you ask, though that will work out dearer. Depending on this, and how many tapas you order, a meal for two will come to between 40 and 70 Reais – about US$23-40.

Only open in the evenings, from 5.30 PM until the last diner leaves.

• Theme: Seafood
• Price: US$11-20 » Currency Converter
• Comparison: less expensive than average
• Address: Avenida Atlântica 1936
• Directions: Corner Avenida Atlântica & Rua República do Peru
• Website:

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