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Salvador da Bahia Nightlife

OFF Club: Wild and Raunchy

Staying in Pelorinho, there is not any thing really going on past 1am. Used to going to clubs at around this time, we got into a taxi and asked the driver to take us to any nightclub that was open. He took us to OFF club. IT is not immediately evident that it is a gay club as there were a few heterosexual couples. The downstairs area gave the impression that nothing was going on. It was sparsely populated with people scattered on sofas looking quite bored.
Aftert about an hour we went upstairs and the party was in full swing. The bartenders/dancers were on the tables. The men in just yellow pants and the women in yellow pants and bikin top. Alcohol was being poured into peoples mouths straight from the bottle, after which they were blindfolded and given a head spin. They were also blowing whistles.
It was alot of fun... made me almost forget that I couldnt pull most of the men in there!!!

Looks like anything goes... the less clothes the better

• Theme: Nightclub
• Address: Street D'Avila Days, 33 Barra
• Phone: (71) 2656215.
• Website:

Live shows
All the night there is a show in Pelourino, if you have enough time to search are good, but a little bit ‘touristic’. Every mondey and thusday drums band play here.
Olodum and Timbalada blocos have special drums and dancing school for ‘minhos de rua’ (children that live alone inthe street), to give them a job, so you can find show of this school...try in the newspaper ‘A Tarde’. In the same newspaper you can find show of ‘samba de roda’ (ancient samba session), pagode music, or brega music in different part of Bhaia. Don’t stop to search.....Bahia is music!
Some place ask for long tousersn no bermuda.

Samba De Pagode, Live Music Bar: Samba

She is working here every evening, and has been doing that for more than 30 years!
Espetinho de churrasco, com salada e farofa ; 1 R$!
Beers are cheap too.
The place is packed with locals every evening, they come for dancing and showing off their fantastic abilities into the sexy samba De Pagode! Dont miss this fabulous spot!!!

There is no doubt, that the locals coming here, are wearing their best clothes!, Dress modest for a dancing night.
• Theme: Dancing
• Address: Pelourinho
• Directions: Pelourinho. I forgot the name of the bar, but you will easily find it in a X-road just behind the "Cantinha La Lua area" on the way down to the Pelourinho. Desciption: Near the "restaurant with the basket elevator", A Bahiana is on the corner,

Rio Vermelho: Best Hopping Areas in Salvador da Bahia

The best hopping area in Salvador da Bahia is Rio Vermelho. Ask for "Mercado do pesce" and then walk around to find out the square you like more. Not far from the street action there are several pubs and clubs to explore. On Thursday-Saturday, from 10pm till late.
Every Tuesday in Pelourinho there is the "Terza da Bencao" (Tuesday’s Blessing). The historic centre turns into a big live music shows. Don’t miss Olodum drum troupe. for information on concerts and Carnival rehearsals and be ready to get wild.
Pelourinho is the classic place for tourists therefore after 11pm, most of the "normal" people go home to caught the last bus and you turn just into a ball of dollars rolling down the street for hookers and street vendors...

Itapoan offers two spots. One is a square full of people drinking "cerveza" and the other one is by the Lagoa de Abate just few minutes walking from the most famous acaraje of Salvador: Cira's. Friday-Sunday, from 8pm till late.

Dress casual.
• Theme: Eating and Drinking
• Address: Rio Vermelho, Mercado do pesce.
• Phone: 0055 71 91859179
• Directions: If you go to Rio Vermelho hopping area ask for "Mercado do pesce" and then walk around to find out the square you like more.
• Website:
Portal: Get the light side of the ghetto!

Only few minutes by car from Pelourinho operates this warehouse show house. Starting off around 8pm until 1.00pm depending on the night. Very basic but that is Bahia! Better to go with some local guide. Anyway there is security at the door and inside. Make an agreement with some taxi driver in order to collect you at the door when you are ready to leave.
Most of the music is pagode (the real heart of the ghetto), sometimes reggae, hip hop and very seldom electronic.
Age 16-20. Dress a bit down.
• Theme: Live Music
• Phone: 0055 71 91859179
• Directions: Only few minutes by car from Pelourinho, next the ferryboat in Comercio. Ask to a taxi driver.
• Website:

Bahia Cafe: Upscale partying

I cannot remember what night I went here, but if you get the book "Salvador for Partiers" it tells you what is on on what nights. It is a restaurant and bar as well as a club, so when we got there people were eating and listening to music at the same time.
The entrance was 25 Reais which ensures a certain amount of alcohol, maybe 20 Reais or so. so you get a card of some sort, which they mark off how many drinks you have had. If you go over the amount you paid on the door, you pay the excess at the end.
This was the only club that we wnet to that played Pop/R&B/Rap. They only played about half an hour of it and the rest of the music was Brazillian pop music and other random stuff.
Classy and sophisticated
• Theme: Nightclub
• Website:

Beco da Gal: Live music in Salvador da Bahia

Very popular on Wednesday is the kind of place you go if you feel like street party all night although it takes place in a alley and you pay for it (5 Real). Live pagode and samba. Get there at 10pm.

Dress down. Age 25-40.
• Theme: Live Music
• Phone: 0055 71 91859179
• Directions: Next to the "Perini" supermarket in Rio Vermelho.
• Website:

Fashion Club: Clubbing in Salvador de Bahia

The club scene in Salvador is limited to the small Salvador’s elite. Almost all the clubs offer live music too and only few of them leave djs take over completely of the dance floor. Fashion Club is the classic club in Salvador with a bit of everything. Two floors, big dance floor for a college crowd. Djs stage and live music. Age 18-25. Get there 10pm or queue.

Dress up
• Theme: Nightclub
• Address: Av. Otavio Mangabeira 2471, Jardim do Namorados
• Website:

Aeroclube: RockinRio

They have a few different things going on at Aeroclube... Its basically a nightclub... mostly very young folk... On Moday Nights they have Rock in Rio... which is the night I went on... unfortunately I got the in the early hours of the monring to it was winding down... I also went on another day where the people were slightly older and Samba music was playing...
No dresscode I remember
• Theme: Nightclub
• Address: av. Otávio Mangabeira, 6000 • Boca do Rio
• Website:

Atellier Maria Adair: Atellier Maria Adair

My favourite bar. This is simply a wonderful place to spend the night. It's in a house in Pelourinho, under the atellier of the artist Maria Adair. The pub is her son's and is just about one of the cutest places in town - the crafts made and painted by the artist are everywhere (inside the glass tables, hanging from the ceiling, the menu...). Service is EXCELLENT - extra compliments for Barreto, the chief waiter. You can buy the crafts if you want to, and I tell you, they are not expensive. They have the best drinks in town, the best food (with greek, french and italian items). Amongst the drinks I recommend my favourite Suco do Orgasmo (Juice of Orgasm). It's coffee licqueur, with coffee icecream, vanilla icecream, ginger, gin and a tiny bit of triple sec.

• Theme: Eating and Drinking
• Directions: Rua J. Castro Rabêlo, 2, - Pelourinho, phone 321-3363. In the same street as Quincas Berro D'Água Square.
• Other Contact: If you're homofobic, your nights

Bar do Goethe: Bar do Goethe

Very good atmosphere, nice serving, good prices, good food, always a good cultural alternative. The chief waiter, Miguel, will do his best to serv you. I strongly recommend the fried aipim (yukka). They are masters in it, although it's a german bar...

Indoors and outdoors ambiences.
as long as you're not naked, anything goes...
• Theme: Concert
• Directions: AV. SETE DE SETEMBRO, 1809 - CORREDOR DA VITÓRIA Inside the Goethe Institut (can't miss it - red and yellow house just before Campo Grande) SALVADOR/BAHIA/BRASIL - TEL.: (0xx71) 336-1580
• Other Contact:

Roda de Choro: Roda de Choro

THere is a big sensation among the scholars of music about what appeared first - Jazz or Choro. Choro (means 'weep' in portuguese) is a brazilian jazz-like music, with some special spicy touches and very peculiar beat and groove. Every thursday of the year you can check what's all about in this traditional Roda de Choro. In the group Janela Brasileira ('BRazilian Window') play some of the best musicians in Salvador, including the master Cacá do Pandeiro. Other unique qualities:
It's free
It's wonderful
It's in a very pleasant cabaret of a very pleasant theatre
This theatre is in a very pleasant square
As long as you don't show up naked...
• Theme: Concert
• Directions: Av. Sete de Setembro - Passeio Publico Cabare dos Novos Teatro Vila Velha Campo Grande
• Other Contact: (port


If you'd like to go to a nice pub with indoor and outdoor possibilities, good serving, good price, excellent food, full but not crowded, then Boteco do França (Franc,a) is your call. Just across the street from the Sesi Theatre in Rio Vermelho, getting the local breeze and having a good time all night long. You won't be bothered by beggers there, since it's traditionally not a touristy place. Franca is the name of the owner, an experienced waiter that after working for years in excellent restaurant-pubs like Extudo and Postudo made his dream come true: now he is the boss, the waiters are the best and never in a bad mood, meals are quick and delicious, price is accessible and he doesn't have a time to close - they will remain open until the last clients decides to go home, and will not make frowny faces to scare you away.
Whatever you want. I'd recommend a pullover, though, since the sea breeze can get pretty cold sometimes...
• Theme: Eating and Drinking
• Directions: Rio Vermelho, just across the street from Teatro Sesi (100 m after Cheiro de Pizza)
• Other Contact: Now open for mondays and for lun

French Quartier: French Quartier

If you like good quality jazz and a nice view to the ocean and don't mind paying a bit more money for a pleasant night, this is your place. It gets very crowded from thursday to sunday, so I recommend you get there before 22h.
Check their site or call to see what's the musical attraction of the night. There is always a good thing going on...
I recommend you dress yourself up a bit better before going there. Nothing fancy, but sober. And take a coat with you, the air conditioning is severe.
• Theme: Live Music
• Directions: Jardim dos Namorados Av. Otávio Mangabeira, s/n, Lote 1, Quadra 2, Pituba - Salvador - Bahia CEP: 41.715-900 TelFax: (71) 240-1491
• Other Contact:

"Tereza Batista" square: "Terca de Bencao" in Pelourinho

Live music in Salvador da Bahia on Tuesday means Pelourinho. Mainly Teresa Batista square, where Olodum use to perform. Small but powerful place with the right mixture between tourists and locals. Get there at 9pm.
Dress casual
• Theme: Live Music
• Address: Praca Tereza Batista
• Directions: Pelourinho
• Website:

Centro Cultural Do Bispo: Live music in Salvador da Bahia

Centro Cultural Do Bispo is far more than a "casa de show." It is a social and cutural center open to experiments in music, dance and the visual arts. During the day, it offers workshops in several artistic mediums, as diverse as experimental theatre to dj studio. Insofar as its nightlife goes, one finds a surprisingly seemless mix between foreigners of all nationalities and the local bahianos. Check out the schedules in order to be sure of what is going on each week. Although Pelourinho has countless spots that can't be missed, Bispo is definitely unique among them on Friday and Saturday nights. The cultural group Circo Maluko performs live music: samba, afro, maracatu, flamenco and more, always closing the night with a DJ spinning electronic music. Get there at 10pm. Age 18-30.
Dress alternative casual.
• Theme: Live Music
• Address: The address is Rua do Bispo 11, Pelourinho
• Directions: Near Praca da Se', Salvador da Bahia.
• Website:

Pimentinha: hang out on Monday

Hanging around outside this bizarre bar before clubbing is the hedonistic ritual on Monday in Salvador da Bahia. Age 20-30. Get there at 9pm.
Dress casual.
• Theme: Eating and Drinking
• Address: Rua Dom Eugenio Sales 11
• Directions: Boca do Rio


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