Thursday, 31 July 2008

Salvador da Bahia Sports Travel

Diving in and around Salvador

For those of you who enjoy diving or snorkelling here are some diving operators in Salvador:

Dive Bahia
Av. Sete de Setembro, 3809 Porto da Barra-Salvador
Fone: (071) 264-3820 - E Mail:

Bahia Scuba
Av. Contorno, 1010, loja 12, Bahia Marina
E Mail:
Fax:(71)322-0044 / 9975-3839

Av. Otávio Mangabeira, 815, loja 15, Shopping Pituba Sol, Pituba Tel: (071)

Av.Garibaldi, 92, Garibaldi
Tels: (071) 245-6872 / 99836935

R. Prof. Lemos Brito, 28, 2.o andar, Barra
Tel: (071) 264-3111

R. da Paciência, 223,1.o andar, Rio Vermelho
Tel: (071) 264-3111
E Mail:

Av. Conceição da Praia, 26, Comércio
Tel: (071) 264-3111

kite surf

On the beach of Piatà near a little bridge there is a Barraca that is the bahianos kite surfers meeting point.....there is a littel river near here so it's not to much crowded and they can do his sport in the perfect way...betwwen the 4 and 6 pm the termic wind is perfect!

Beach Soccer

If you like soccer at all you really should join in on a pick up game at the beach. You'll encounter all levels of play. You can either join a game or just juggle in a circle with others. Soccer at the beach can be a sticky issue for some, so try not to play too close to sun bathers. If you don't feel confident enough to play then you should at least watch a game.

This is where I played a lot since it was near where I lived. This is Praia da Amaralina. The sand was dry and soft here, "areia fofa". You get winded real fast. On Sundays you'll find games down this entire beach.

CHELITO-Fishing, diving, and boating.

Did you ever experience the colour of the DEEP BLUE SEA? Unbelievable!
Go linefishing with a local fisherman, he knows how to find the best spots, he will show you how to fish on a longline, he will let you pull his line if you like, and he will do what he can to make sure you dont feel uncomfortable during the trip. He knows what bait to use, and provides ofcourse whatever is needed.
Snacks and drinks can be arranged, or bring your own.
The captain is familiar with the sea, the bay, and all the islands around here, and will gladly take you to the best locations for a daytyrip. He is an experienced diver too, and the boat is equipped with air compression equipment.
If you go during the months of august and september, you will have opportunity to see humpback whales!!!!
Price goes from 300R$ to go to the nearest islands for up to 6 people.
Fishingtrips are around 300R$ for 1 prs, and 600R$ for up to4 prs.
Divingtrips have to be arranged individually.

For fishing, you are welcome to bring your own gear, or you can use the "original stuff" that is long nylonlines with hooks and lead attatched, pulled by hand.
Bring sunprotection, a hat and some clothes in case of sun and/or rain.
• Theme: Fishing Trips
• Address: Porto Da Barra
• Phone: +55-71-91055317 Den/engl/portug
• Directions: In front of Forte Santa Maria Call me, or (Send me a mail,after mid march until september) ask for Ronaldinho directly on the ramp in Porto Da Barra

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